Stems and Stories Podcast

Welcome, book nerds and plant enthusiasts, to our pot-cast.

Stems and Stories

A podcast about books and botany, hosted by professional book nerds H.R. Gordon and Bryan Sajecki.

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Meet the Hosts

Bryan and Hannah are professional book nerds. No really. Bryan is a librarian, and Hannah is an author, editor, and indie publishing consultant.

They are book nerds in every way imaginable. Classic literature to new releases. Thematic geekery and author fan girl/boy-ing. They even tackle the process of creating a book! (Yes, they regularly geek about book binding, paper stock, and cover design.)

They also happen to be plant enthusiasts and regularly are told they live in a jungle.

….and, yes, they’re a couple…of assholes.

Streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

Follow their bookish and botanical adventures:

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