The Book Cook: Midnight at the Tuscany Hotel | Creamy Alfredo with Tuscan Chicken Meatballs

Midnight at the Tuscany Hotel by James Markert is truly a story that sticks with you if you let it—which is interesting since the primary theme of the book is the power of memory. I first read the book two years ago and not only was it the perfect poolside read, but it really capturedContinue reading “The Book Cook: Midnight at the Tuscany Hotel | Creamy Alfredo with Tuscan Chicken Meatballs”


lu·mi·nous/ˈlo͞omənəs/ adjective full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark. The world is heavy right now. Hatred. Violence. Pain. But the world has been heavy before. And it will be heavy again. The weight of the darkness can only be offset by the souls who shine, despite having been told theirContinue reading “Luminous”

The last stem of hope

With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg many have echoed the sentiment that our last hope has gone. That we are hanging from our final stem, awaiting the fall. Awaiting the collapse of our world as we know it. No. That’s it. No. Let her memory lead the revolution, and may we never know theContinue reading “The last stem of hope”


Singularity. Individuality. Sure, there is one flower. But what would that flower be without its many petals? Its stem? Its leaves? Its roots? Dead. It would be dead.

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